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Assisting  With  Coating To Clients   Across   Various   Markets



Coastal marine environments are some of the harshest conditions for coatings. There are very specialized coating systems which are designed to handle such conditions. Whether they are offshore structures, waste treatment centers, or (NSF 61) potable water systems, at Top Gun we have years of experience and knowledge to assist in these projects. When it comes to these types of projects, there are a variety of options: liquid painting, powder coating, and fusion bonded to name a few. We can assist our customers in their decision-making process as to which coating system would be optimal.


Military coatings have very specific requirements and specifications. They start at the metal preparation stage and continue all the way to the finish coat. With our media blast facility and our pretreatment systems, we can to properly prepare the material for coating. Whether it is ground or air support equipment, the coating system has to meet multiple demands. These demands range from durability, color, and gloss to (CARC) chemical warfare coatings. At Top Gun, we have the facility and the experience to handle these high-profile projects. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility, our Quality Control department will ensure our customers that their paint requirements have been met and are properly documented.


Alternative  Fuel

This industry has several different types of coating requirements. They range from aesthetically pleasing to high-abrasion and impact resistant to high-temperature environments. With a combination of liquid painting and powder coating these requirements can be achieved. Whether the industry is trains and subways or oil and gas, Top Gun has a vast knowledge of these coating requirements. We will work closely with our customers to help them choose the right coating process for their project. All factors will be considered, such as environmental conditions, high-temperature heat-resistant, high traffic wear areas, anti-slip, anti-graffiti, and substrates.


The architectural industry is a high-profile industry that is subject to very harsh environmental conditions. Wind, acid-rain, sun exposure, and coastal salt spray can be detrimental to these types of coatings. This is where experience and knowledge are key factors in this equation. There is more to it than applying paint to make these coatings last. We first look at what type of project, the location, and what type of coating system the customer requires, as well as the substrate to be coated. This helps us to determine whether a liquid or powder coating system would be optimal. Top Gun has the certification to spray (Kynar) architectural coatings; AAMA 2605 along with architectural powder. 


Custom  Coatings

These projects are exciting and rewarding for our staff. They normally consist of high-profile customers that want their project to be visually admired. This allows us to pay close attention to small details in the coating process. Normally, these projects consist of a combination of wet painting and powder coating. The main focus is an aesthetically pleasing finish that they would be proud to show off. These coatings aren't only for show, however; they have to be durable as well.